Brettanomyces IPA - At 8.5%  ABV, this double IPA is hopped with Columbus, Summit, and Nugget and fermented 100% with Brettanomyces bruxellensis to achieve a dry finish.

Baltic Porter - At 10% ABV, this mammoth Porter is fermented with Lager yeast and then aged for 4 months in one of our large oak foeders.  Notes of cherry and plum are found in the aroma, while flavors of oak, vanilla and coffee round out the flavor of this beer.  Perfect for the changing of the seasons.

Blonde Sour Ale- This 6.9% ABV lactobacillus kettle sour is fermented with100% Brettanomyces lambicus, then conditioned in an oak foeder. The beer possesses a bright crisp sourness with a fruity funkiness and hints of vanilla and oak.

Lager - Moderate hop bitterness balanced by the medium malt body from the addition of Munich and Vienna malts. At 5.6% ABV, it's the perfect refreshment on a hot summer day.

Rotating Series - 

Imperial Rice IPA - This hugely aromatic IPA was brewed using 300 pounds of rice in the mash and was dry-hopped at 2 pounds per barrel with Nugget, Summit, Columbus and Polaris hops.  It clocks in at 8.2% with a super dry finish from the addition of the rice which really allows the hops to shine!

Brett Apple Ale - This is a collaboration with Bull City Cider using 350 gallons of apple juice and fermented with 100% Brett B.  The beer portion was brewed using spelt, oats and rye.  The resulting beer has the aroma of apples with spice from the rye and Brett yeast.  The flavor is subtle apple with the fruitiness from the Brett yeast and weighs in at 6.5% ABV.  The overall flavor is very similar to a Belgian Saison.

Sour Pale Ale  - This dry-hopped wheat based Sour Pale Ale has notes of grapefruit throughout while still packing a hoppy punch.  At 5.4% ABV this beer will appeal to sour fans as well as hop heads.

Sour Tamarind Saison - Our second collaboration with High Branch Brewing in Concord, NC. This kettle-soured beer is brewed with 60lbs of Tamarind, Epiphany Craft Malt from Durham, and 300lbs of oats. It’s fermented with High Branch’s house saison yeast resulting in a spicy and stone fruit character, a creamy mouthfeel, and a dry finish.

Hibiscus Ginger Berliner Weisse - This 4% Berliner Weisse has a refreshing tartness balanced by ginger and herbal hibiscus notes. This pink drink is perfect for the summer!

Barrel Series -  Our flagship beers and pilot batches will be aged in bourbon and wine barrels on an annual basis to create a unique tasting experience for the drinker. 

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Blackberry Sour Ale - Our Blonde Sour Ale aged in bourbon barrels with 260 pounds of blackberries.

Red Wine Barrel-Aged Brett Table Beer - Table beer aged in Cabernet barrels with Brettanomyces for 4 months. Funky, light and effervescent with farmhouse character. 

Past Beers- Past beers from the rotating beer series

Dry-Hopped Brett Table Beer (Lemondrop)-  This beer is a blend of three different strains of yeast creating a distinct citrus flavor and a dry effervescent mouthfeel.   Aromas of grass and lemon with the classic mustiness of Brettanomyces dominate the nose.

Dry-Hopped Brett Table Beer (Polaris)-  A bit different than our last version, this beer is a blend of two different strains of yeast (Brettanomyces bruxellensis, and Vermont Ale Yeast) creating a distinct citrus flavor and a dry effervescent mouthfeel.   Aromas of citrus fruit with the classic mustiness of Brettanomyces dominate the nose.  5.6% ABV.

Rhubarb Berliner WeisseMildly sour and fruity aroma with a clean lactic tartness from both the kettle souring and addition of rhubarb.  Very light body with a refreshing sour tartness with a subtle wheat malt finish.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Dark Mint Saison - Our Dark Mint Saison aged in bourbon barrels for 5 months. Our take on a Mint Julep. 6.9% ABV.